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The Chicago Quantitative Alliance provides quantitative investment professionals a forum to interchange ideas and share experiences. 
Our goal is to stimulate conversation and discussion on a wide range of quantitative investment topics. 
Additional information on the CQA is available by contacting: or calling 847-707-5223

Objectives of the CQA:

The first CQA meeting was held on November 4, 1993. At that time we summarized our goals in the statement listed below.
It has been over 25 years since the founding of CQA, but the objectives of the group have remained unchanged.
Individual Membership
– This is different from other groups where membership is by firm.
– Membership is transportable and members take it with them when they change firms.
– Individual membership ensures continuity at meetings, with the same people attending each event.
– Membership is made up of those people in their firms that do the investing, they aren’t figureheads.
Active Participation
– Keeping everyone involved is the key to success.
– Regular correspondence using our email list enhances communication between members.
– We encourage a lot of give and take between members.
Selective Membership
– Members of CQA have similar interests.
– Many different levels of expertise, but common goals.
– Members should add value to the group
Diversity of Membership
– This is a truly international group, with members from numerous countries.
– Members offer different perspectives and work at different types of firms.
– There is a balance between money managers and plan sponsors.
No Sales Pitches
– Absolutely no marketing from speakers or members.
– Members know that when they attend a conference they don’t have to worry about someone selling them something.
Zero Based Budgeting
– Whatever we take in we spend, there is no grand plan to offer scholarships or build a large treasury.
– This is strictly a non-profit organization, and no one gets paid. 
– We offer the best possible value for members.
– The annual Conference Fee covers all CQA events – there are no additional costs.
Premier Conference
– The CQA Conferences strive to maintain a reputation as “must attend” events.
– There are usually three key parts to the Annual Fall CQA Conference in addition to the regular speakers: Academic Competition, Panel Discussion, and Keynote Speaker.
– Everyone is encouraged to get involved in the planning of the conference so they have an “ownership interest”.
Practitioner Oriented
– We strive to achieve a mix of the practical and academic.
– Members are encouraged to submit speaker ideas and “sponsor” topics for discussion.
– We make the conferences whatever we want them to be, there are no preconceived ideas about what has to happen.
Consumer Group
– We are a powerful users group, we will attempt to use that to our advantage.
– Occasionally we will explore the issue of “sponsorship” without selling out.
– We use the group to do product reviews or share information on the latest technology.
Invite Controversy, New Ideas
– Present controversial speakers.
– Foster a reputation of being open to new ideas, willing to let alternative views have their say.

Have Fun, Make Friends

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