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If you missed any of our previous presentations or wish to revisit them, please fill out this form to request for the files. We’ll send you the download link as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest!


CQA Spring 2024Las Vegas
CQA Fall 2023Chicago
CQA/SQA Trading Seminar 2023New York City
CQA Spring 2023Las Vegas
CQA Fall 2022Chicago
CQA Spring 2022Las Vegas
CQA Fall 2021Virtual Event
CQA Spring 2021Virtual Event
CQA Fall 2020Virtual Event
CQAsia 2019Shenzhen, China
CQA Fall 2019Chicago
CQA-NASDAQ Doctoral Tutorial at EFA 2019Lisbon, Portugul
CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2019New York City
CQA Institute AIM Course 2019Wilkes-Barre, PA
CQA Spring 2019Las Vegas
CQAsia 2018Hong Kong
CQA Fall 2018Chicago
CQA-NASDAQ Doctoral Tutorial at EFA 2018Warsaw, Poland
CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2018New York City
CQA Institute AIM Course 2018Wilkes-Barre, PA
CQA Spring 2018Las Vegas
CQAsia 2017Hong Kong
CQA Fall 2017Chicago
CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2017New York City
CUHK-CQAsia Investment Strategies Conference 2017Hong Kong
CQA Spring 2017Las Vegas
CQAsia 2016Hong Kong
CQA Fall 2016Chicago
CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2016New York City
CQA Spring 2016Las Vegas
CQAsia Evening SeminarHong Kong - Central
CQAsia 2015Hong Kong
CQA Fall 2015Chicago
CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2015New York City
CQA Spring 2015Las Vegas
CQA Student PresentationsChicago
CQAsia 2014Hong Kong
Best Practices 2014New York City
CQA Fall 2014Chicago
CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2014New York City
CQA Spring 2014Las Vegas
CQAsia 2013Hong Kong
CQA Fall 2013Chicago, IL
CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2013New York City
CQA Spring 2013Las Vegas
CQA Best Practices 2013Newark
CQAsia 2012Hong Kong
CQA Fall 2012Chicago, IL
CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2012New York City
CQA Spring 2012Las Vegas, NV
CQAsia 2011Hong Kong
CQA Fall 2011Chicago, IL
CQA Quantitative Trading Seminar 2011New York City
CQA Spring 2011Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2010Chicago, IL
CQA Fall 2010New York City
CQA Spring 2010Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2009Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2009Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2008Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2008Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2007Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2007Amsterdam
CQA Fall 2006Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2006Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2005Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2005Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2004Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2004Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2003Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2003Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2002Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2002Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2001Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2001Las Vegas, NV
CQA Fall 2000Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 2000New York, NY
CQA Fall 1999Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 1999Boston, MA
CQA Fall 1998Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 1998Chicago, IL
CQA Fall 1997Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 1997Chicago, IL
CQA Fall 1996Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 1996Chicago, IL
CQA Fall 1995Chicago, IL
CQA Spring 1995Chicago, IL
CQA Fall 1994Chicago, IL

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