CQA Fall Conference 2000

Chicago, IL


Event begins: Sep 12, 2000


Event ends: Sep 13, 2000

Baruch LevValue Drivers of Internet CompaniesNew York University - Stem School of Business
Charles JonesA Century of Stock Market Liquidity and Trading CostsColumbia University
Gilbert BassettQuantitative Modeling and the BCS RankingsUniversity of Illinois - Chicago
Hsiu-Lang ChenCharacteristics Momentum StrategiesUniversity of Illinois - Chicago
Jay RitterWhy Don't Issuers Get Upset About Leaving Money on the Table in IPO's?University of Florida
John Allen PaulosA Mathematician Reads the NewspaperTemple University Author - Innumeracy - Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences
Larry BrownHow Representative is 'The Street' Earnings Number of Permanent Earnings?Georgia State University
Maarten NederlofThe Inevitable Convergence of Hedge Funds and Institutional InvestorsDeutsche Bank Securities
Michael WaldmanInside the West WingFormer Chief Presidential Speechwriter
Sundaresh RamnathUnderreactionRice University
Don RobinsonTax Sensitive InvestingLockwood
Paul PolriesTax Sensitive InvestingLockwood
Dan DiBartolomeoTax Sensitive InvestingNorthfield
David SteinTax Sensitive InvestingParametric
Murali RamaswamiPerspectives from Wall StreetLehman Brothers
Dan CardellPerspectives from Wall StreetWeiss, Peck & Greer
Rich BernsteinPerspectives from Wall StreetMerrill Lynch
Berry CoxPerspectives from Wall StreetDLJ
Ed KeonPerspectives from Wall StreetPrudential
Joe MezrichPerspectives from Wall StreetMorgan Stanley

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