Chicago Quantitative Alliance


CQA Spring Conference 2002

Las Vegas, NV


Event begins: Apr 18, 2002


Event ends: Apr 19, 2002

David CushingThe Effect of Transaction Costs on Portfolio Performance: Timeless Principles and Timely TrendsInference Group LLC
Dr. Robert CialdiniThe Power of PersuasionArizona State University
Jack BrushTwenty Years of Price MomentumColumbine Capital Services
Larry PohlmanTargeted and Realized Tracking Errors: The Impact of CovariancesPanAgora Asset Management
Larry SpeidellAre Growth and Value Dead? A New FrameworkNicholas Applegate
Randy CohenDoes Risk or Mispricing Explain the Cross-Section of Stock Prices?Harvard Business School
Robert FerstenbergDelivering the Benefits of Decimalization and Fragmentation in the Global Equity MarketsMorgan Stanley
Geoff GerberPerspectives on Quantitative Investment ManagementTwin Capital
Bob EastmanPerspectives on Quantitative Investment ManagementBoston Company
Steve HenderlitePerspectives on Quantitative Investment ManagementInnovest Alternative Solutions
Sandip BhagatPerspectives on Quantitative Investment ManagementCitigroup

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