CQA Spring Conference 2004

Las Vegas, NV


Event begins: Apr 18, 2004


Event ends: Apr 19, 2004

Tuomo VuolteenahoGrowth or Glamour?Harvard University
Randy CohenJudging Fund Managers by the Company They KeepHarvard Business School
Tom PhillipsUsing Statistical Process Control to Monitor Active PortfoliosParadigm Asset Management
Justin WolfersFinancial Market Consequences of the War in IraqStanford University
Dean ThompsonStatistical Learning AlgorithmsPeak Strategy
Jim RogersAdventures in CapitalismInvestor/Author
Joe GattoProfiting From Earnings Revisions After Reg-FDStarmine
Christopher PolkNew Forecasts of the Equity PremiumNorthwestern University
Dan StormNew Developments in Grid ComputingMaxim Street Consulting
David GowingSharing Risk is Equivalent to Trading Risk Under Risk Neutral PricingConcordia University
Pat RoccoActive Timing Strategies - Size, Style & SectorTwin Capital
Savita SubramanianActive Timing Strategies - Size, Style & SectorMerrill Lynch
Ken BarkerActive Timing Strategies - Size, Style & SectorMellon Equity

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