Chicago Quantitative Alliance


CQA Spring Conference 2006

Las Vegas, NV


Event begins: Apr 18, 2006


Event ends: Apr 19, 2006

Andrea FrazziniThe Earnings Announcement Premium: Risk Return & VolumeUniversity of Chicago
Axel MerkThe Unwinding of Global Financial ImbalancesMerk Hard Currency Fund
Greg DurhamThe Market Impact of Trends and Sequences in Performance: New Evidence from the College Football Wagering MarketMontana State University
Jared DiamondCollapse: How Societies Choose to FailUCLA
Leo McCloskyThe Chemistry of a 90(+) WineEnologix
Matthew RothmanInstitutional Ownership: Improving the Efficacy of Stock Selection by Examining the Dynamics of OwnershipSanford Bernstein
Nancy WallaceAsset Divisibility Security Design and Asset QualityUniversity of California - Berkeley
Ron SurzEvaluating Hedge Fund Performance Using Monte Carlo Simulations: Looking Behind the CurtainPPCA Inc.
Spencer ReissWhy $5 Gas is Good for AmericaWired Magazine
Steven ThorleyMinimum Variance Portfolios in the U.S. Equity MarketBrigham Young University
Tom ThibodeauThe Bubble in the U.S. Housing Market: Fact or Fiction?University of Colorado
Jeff BrownBest Practices: A Practitioner's PerspectiveHighstreet Asset Management
Doug CrockerBest Practices: A Practitioner's PerspectiveHighstreet Asset Management

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