Chicago Quantitative Alliance


CQA Spring Conference 2019

Las Vegas


Event begins: Apr 24, 2019


Event ends: Apr 25, 2019


The Spring Conference will be held on April 24-25 at the Wynn Hotel.


The conference begins with a cocktail reception on Tuesday from 7:00 until 9:00 pm followed by two full days of conference proceedings on Wednesday and Thursday.


A cocktail reception and dinner are held on Wednesday evening and the Thursday proceedings are followed by the Annual Texas Hold’em Tournament.

Scott StewartGender bias Through Recategorization of financial AnalystsCornell University
Aaron BrownDisaggregating the Goalie - A Study in Sports and Investing Wisdom and How the Level of Aggregation MattersNew York University
Dale RosenthalA Quant Primer on Investments with RUIC
Michael Sawyer“Taking a Bad Trade: AI and The Financial Markets”Colorado College
John Hulsman“The Return of the Feudal World?”John Hulsman Global Political Risk Consulting
Vineer Bahansali“Everybody’s Doing It: Short Volatility Strategies and Shadow Financial Insurers”LongTail Alpha
Saurin Patel“Managerial Structure and Performance-Induced Trading”Western University
Luca Bosatta“Factor Investing: Not Just for Equities Anymore”Axioma
Emilian Belev“Optimizing Assets and Project Portfolios in a Discrete World”Northfield Information Services
FC and Jessica Barker“How a Hack Works”Cygenta, Ltd
Timothy Edwards“There’s Nothing Equal About Equal Weight Performance”S&P Global
Conson Zhang“The Earnings Announcement Return Cycle”University of Southern California

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