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CQAsia 2014

Hong Kong


Event begins: Nov 05, 2014


Event ends: Nov 06, 2014


The Third Annual CQAsia Conference will be held at the offices of Deutsche Bank on the 52nd Floor of the ICC Building in the Kowloon Section of Hong Kong. 

Khoi Le BinhThe Silk Road to AlphaDeutsch Bank
Olivier d'AssierSmart DataAxioma
Matthew Van Der WeideSmart DataFactSet
Sebastian CeriaMulti-Period OptimizationAxioma
Jianfeng HuCan Information be Locked-up? Informed Trading Ahead of Macro-News AnnouncementsSingapore Management University
Yinggang ZhouQuantitative Easing and Volatility Spillovers Across Countries and Asset ClassesChinese University of Hong Kong
Matthias BuehlmaierFinance ConstraintsUniversity of Hong Kong
Gus SauterSmart BetaVanguard
Melissa BrownQuantitative Perspectives - The Future of Active ManagementAxioma
Tommy HuieQuantitative Perspectives - The Future of Active ManagementPennant
Steve GreinerStress Testing Your Way to Better Portfolio ManagementCharles Schwab
Sandip BhagatSmart Data Panel DiscussionCQA
Todd DoerschQuantitative Perspectives - The Future of Active Managementhe FuNexus Risk Management
Dan DiBartolomeoRisk Management Priorities for Pension FundsNorthfield Information Services
Katsunari YamaguchiTime-Varying Equity Risk Premium Over Business Cycles: 60 Years in US and Japanese MarketsrIbbottson Associates Japan
Frederic GerogonSmart Data Panel DiscussionInfotrie
Jerome TeiletcheActive Risk-Based InvestingUnigestion
Jie CaoAlliances and Return PredictabilityChinese University of Hong Kong
Greg ForsytheQuantitative Perspectives - The Future of Active ManagementRevelation Investment Research

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